Who we are

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     Perseverance, Determination and Confidence… Our company, which started its commercial life in 2009 under the name of AKAS Security Systems, continues on its way with a stability aiming to constantly rise. With the trust, appreciation and support of our valued customers, our company carries the determined and justified happiness of ascending with firm steps by adding a new one to the ladder of success every day. With the power we get from you today, AKAS LTD. We want to serve you more with e-commerce stores that suit your needs. Thank you for being an integral part of our success. We will shape better and happier tomorrows together.

Ethical Values Declaration


AKAS LTD. Integrity and honesty are priority values in all business processes and relationships. Acts with integrity and honesty in its relations with both its customers and suppliers, and stays loyal to the contracts made.

AKAS LTD. attaches importance to respectful behavior in its relations with its employees, customers, suppliers and society. He shows all the individuals he is in a relationship with the honorable behavior they deserve.


Confidential and proprietary information; It includes information AKAS LTD that may create a competitive disadvantage, trade secrets and information within the framework of "confidentiality agreements" concluded with third parties. 

AKAS LTD. ; takes care to protect the privacy and private information of its customers and other relevant persons and organizations that it works with.

Our Responsibilities

In addition to our legal responsibilities; we take care to fulfill our responsibilities listed below towards our customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, competitors and society.

 1- Our Legal Responsibilities

AKAS LTD. in all its activities; It respects and adheres to all international laws and human rights 

2- Our Responsibilities Towards Our Customers

AKAS LTD. works with a proactive approach that focuses on customer satisfaction and responds to the needs and demands of its customers in the shortest time and in the most correct way. It provides its services on time and under the promised conditions. 

AKAS LTD.; It quickly resolves all kinds of problems arising from its suppliers and/or products in line with its possibilities. It prevents grievances by ensuring customer satisfaction. 

3-Our Responsibilities Towards Our Suppliers / Business Partners

AKAS LTD. As expected of a good customer, it behaves fairly and respectfully, and takes the necessary care to fulfill its obligations on time. It carefully protects the confidential information of the people and organizations it does business with and its business partners. 

AKAS LTD. never uses unethical or illegal means to access information about other companies. However, it does not mind the use of publicly available information (website, price list, advertisement, published article, etc.) of companies.

Product and Service Quality 

AKAS LTD. carries out its activities in accordance with international quality standards, and protects its quality certificates together with all its employees. 

The rapidly developing technology in the world creates new products and new inventions that provide 'benefit' to human life. AKAS LTD., with its ethical approach, aims to provide its customers with products that will contribute and benefit the lives of individuals and support their better lives as a leading company.

 AKAS Ltd. does not provide products or services that will harm and/or mislead its customers. 

Information Security 

AKAS Ltd., patent, trade secret, copyright, name and trademark etc. protects its intellectual property as well as respects the intellectual property rights of its competitors.


AKAS Ltd.; aims to grow together with its customers. It undertakes and declares to maintain its relations based on the principle of continuity in line with the Code of Ethics.